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Needs Analysis tool - Clarify your solution requirements
Purchasing Insights
Do check signers have significant pain?
  • Understand pain points of CIO/VP Customer Service
  • Significant pain must exist for senior management to sign a check
  • Giva White Papers will help you "listen" for pain statements
  • Tell vendors your pain. Otherwise, they will ignore you
Purchasing Insights
Are funds approved and set aside?
  • Check in with CIO or VP Customer Service
  • Don't invest time until given iron clad assurance that funds are available
  • Determine what you are already paying for application maintenance
  • Find a cloud based replacement product for less money than annual maintenance
Purchasing Insights
Learn latest IT service desk or customer service best practises.
  • Prepare to ask vendors tough questions with confidence
  • Prod and poke at lead the questioning
  • Acquire best practises fluency: first call resolution, service level agreement compliance, root cause analysis, customer satisfaction surveys, KPIs/metrics, dashboards, etc.
  • Subscribe to Giva Blog & review Giva White Papers. Join "Linked In" groups, industry associations and user groups
Purchasing Insights
What are problems with current call tracking system?
  • Hire consultants/technical experts, if necessary
  • Call vendor CEO; list of issues ready to send.
  • Proposal to fix? Cost, timeline, guarantees
  • Is fixing less expensive vs. buying a new application
Purchasing Insights
What are feature needs/requirements?
  • Obtain feedback from all stakeholders; prioritize the list
  • Use Giva's Needs Assessment Tool as a starting point
  • Check signers like a rigorous quantitative analysis
  • Share requirements openly with short list of vendors
Purchasing Insights
Ask vendors tough questions early and often.
  • Early on share complex "must have" & "deal killer" requirements to eliminate vendors
  • Ask for an estimated price quote. Is it in your budget ball park?
  • Ask for customer case studies and references
  • Poke and prod, listen carefully, get it all in writing
Purchasing Insights
What is the total cost of ownership (TCO) of all vendors?
  • Calculate TCO of all vendors for applies-to-apples comparison
  • Acquisition costs only 30% of TCO over 5 years according to Gartner Group
  • Ongoing lifetime costs vary significantly between vendors
  • Compare cloud vs. on premise hosted software licenses
Purchasing Insights
What are important license agreement terms?
  • What happens if stop paying annual maintenance?
  • Arbitration clause - inexpensive means of recourse
  • SLAs for product support & reports to measure SLA compliance
  • Termination clauses
Learn more about current industry best practises

Help Desk Software TCO/ROI

Giva SaaS eliminates help desk software upgrades & maintenance

A Giva Solutions Consultant will prepare a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)/Return on Investment (ROI) analysis comparing your current IT help desk software with the SaaS based Giva Service Management Suite.

With Giva, customers on average experienced a:

  • 45% decrease in annual recurring costs (Giva annual subscription cost was 45% less than annual software maintenance)
  • 90% decrease in implementation time and cost
  • 80% decrease in headcount required to maintain service desk application
  • Eliminated all servers, software and upgrade costs

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