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5 Ways to Help Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Help Prevent Hacking & Ransomware

In an age of cloud storage, password key chains, and accounts linked to financial information, it is critical for businesses and individuals to safeguard their data. ESET reports as of April 2016 that ransomware makes up one quarter of all cyber-attacks in the UK, and that number is on the rise.


3 Tips to Prepare for the GDPR

GDPR & Data Protection

With the impending enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming on 25 May 2018, now is the time to get ahead of the game and prepare your company for anticipated changes. Here are three main focal points to facilitate any necessary transitions to get your company on the fast track to success:


The United Kingdom's Data Protection Act - What You Should Know

UK Data Protection Act of 1998

Currently, the United Kingdom's Data Protection Act governs how personal information is processed and used by organisations and the government. The Data Protection Act is especially relevant to businesses that rely on IT software to store data and information.

Enacted in 1998, the Data Protection Act sought to improve data privacy standards and enable citizens to access and control their personal information. With the exception of national security or criminal concerns, all organisations that store any "identifiable" information, such as names, addresses, or emails, must follow the Data Protection Act and pursue the necessary measures to protect the data and security of users. According to the government's website, there are stronger legal protective measures and repercussions associated with more sensitive information, such as ethnicity, political beliefs, and health.



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