Deloitte Launches Society Partnership Programme

Deloitte's Society Partnership Programme

Deloitte, one of the UK's leading accounting and professional services firms, has recently created the Society Partnership Programme, which combines its charity partnership and social innovation pioneering programmes into one major initiative. The Society Partnership Programme's mission is to support UK charities and social enterprises committed to benefiting the public good and helping those who are unemployed move up.

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10 Ways to Read Your Way to Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Educational Resources

Becoming a socially responsible business requires work. It involves understanding complex terminology, analysing successful CSR strategies, evaluating current business practises, and sometimes bringing in the experts. However, there is no reason that the process cannot be enjoyable as well.

For avid readers, one way to make this process more fun is to start reading books about corporate social responsibility. There is a diverse collection of literature on the subject. However, for the sake of brevity, here are ten unique and important reads:

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Upcoming Corporate Social Responsibility Seminars

Business World CSR

Are you interested in learning more about corporate social responsibility (CSR) in an interactive setting? If you are, one great way to do this is to attend a seminar at a local university or institution. As more businesses are beginning to adopt CSR policies, a growing number of organisations in the United Kingdom are hosting seminars on CSR.

The following is a list of some of the upcoming seminars that will be featured this year at various UK universities and institutions:

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Give & Gain Day 20 May 2016

Giva & Gain Day 2016

Which is the best day of the year to volunteer? Every day! However, when it comes to corporate volunteering, Business in the Community's annual Give & Gain Day truly rises to the top.

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Businesses Joining the Fight Against Mental Health Discrimination

Mental Health Descrimination

When people hear the phrase "workplace discrimination", many immediately think of race, gender, or disabilities. Another form of workplace discrimination that is equally concerning but less often discussed, is the discrimination against people with mental illnesses.

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Case Studies in CSR: John Dewar and Sons Installs New Biomass Boiler


Already famous for producing some of the finest Scotch in the world, the Dewar's Aberfeldy Distillery can also be accredited for reducing its carbon footprint by 90% through the installation of a new biomass boiler.

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Talk to the Architect Who is Moving a Town

Moving Kiruna Seminar

Many businesses are adopting environmentally sustainable work practises in an effort to become more socially responsible. IKEA has installed 700,000 solar panels to increase energy efficiency, RB has planted more than 7 million trees, and Olleco has dramatically reduced its carbon emissions by using food waste as fuel. These efforts sound impressive on paper, but can businesses actually have a lasting impact on the environment?

The Swedish town of Kiruna proves that businesses can greatly influence their surrounding environments."

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Responsible Business Summit: Europe 2016

Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Summit 2016

At Giva, we value businesses and initiatives that support corporate social responsibility. Europe's annual Responsible Business Summit, which will take place 7-8 June 2016 in London, gathers CEOs and leaders from 400 of Europe's most innovative and inspiring brands to discuss responsible and sustainable business practices.

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Giva CSR Spotlight: Sky Rainforest Rescue Project

CSR & Sky Rainforest Rescue Project

Sky, the leading entertainment company in Europe, has spent the past six years in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) to increase its conservation efforts. The company is committed to facing sustainability issues head on in order to make a positive impact on the environment.

Before Sky began working with the WWF in 2009, it had already been practising sustainable living in its efforts to become carbon-neutral, which it accomplished in 2006. This achievement inspired the company to look at other aspects of its work that had environmental consequences, such as paper usage from the printing of its monthly magazine. By later teaming up with the WWF, Sky hoped to exhibit its dedication to eliminating environmental harm and motivating its consumers to do the same.

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Sustainable Brands Conference - London Nov. 16-18, 2015

Sustainable Brands London 2015 CRS Conference

An exciting and important event is right around the corner. If you work in Sustainability/CSR, Brand Strategy, Communications or Design/Innovation, then this event could provide the tools to help you shape the future of your company and community. Sustainable Brands '15 - London is a meeting of the minds and shared passions of the premier global community of brand innovators, to be held in Windsor on November 16-18. Located at the Beaumont Estate in the beautiful English countryside of Windsor, Sustainable Brands will be transformed into a dynamic brand innovation melting pot bringing together over 400 leaders from 28 countries representing large corporations, start-ups, Non-Governmental Organisations, academia, investors and government agencies. Highlights include 40 interactive discussion groups, breakout sessions, general presentations and networking activities.

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