World Congress & Expo on Healthcare IT 2019 Coming Soon!

November 14-15, 2019 Paris, France

The World Congress & Expo on Healthcare IT is a conference which focuses on technological innovations that can further develop today's healthcare systems. This year's main theme is how technology and medical science can work hand in hand to improve healthcare. The term Healthcare IT (HIT) is a combination of healthcare, computer science and information science.

This conference shines the light on how healthcare providers can improve the quality of care through IT. It consists of exhibitions, keynote presentations, workshops and discussion panels with industry experts. Moreover, product and service providers are permitted to present their technologies and services in the conference.

A platform is provided for the sharing and discussion of knowledge and experience that is relevant to HIT. Discussions revolve around current technological advances and challenges prevalent in HIT and the gaps in knowledge and technology that have yet to be filled.

Since the event brings attendees and experts together from all over the world it is an opportunity to expand and solidify global connections involved in this industry. Additionally, this is an opportunity for young and entry-level HIT experts to develop themselves professionally and grow a network of peers in this field. Interacting with a larger variety of experts and exchanging thoughts and ideas with them allows attendees to gain fresh insights and perspectives on many issues.

The Expo will consist of a range of topics and sessions. They include, but are not limited to: HIT to Improve Consumer Health Care Systems, Telemedicine, e-health and Big Data Analytics.

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