4 Advantages of a Cloud-based IT Help Desk

IT leaders are constantly looking for ways to bring about positive change in their organisations and one cannot deny that cloud-based technology is a part of that. Consequently, more help desk managers are opting to introduce online IT help desks to ensure that their customers receive the required support quickly and efficiently. Below is a list of reasons why deploying technologies like Giva's IT help desk can be advantageous:

  1. Better technical support

    The cloud has made many things possible and that includes allowing organisations to take control of their customer service by providing automated periodic check ups and proactive customer support. Customers no longer rely entirely on receiving support from a sales rep. Instead, they can now quickly search through an online knowledge base for a solution. This has become the preferred option for many people, resulting in the spread of self service features like FAQs and other external repositories from outside the organisation itself. Additionally, cloud based help desks have created a larger platform for interaction with customers through the use of social media. This is a more casual and easily accessible platform that allows people to post inquiries directly to their vendors and expect a fast response time. Departments within the organisation can also create groups and communities for internal discussions and to share knowledge.

  2. Better ticket management

    This is due to the fact that a cloud-based help desk allows customer service reps to input all tickets into one database that is accessible from anywhere. In this way, complaints from all forms of contact including emails, calls, social media and online chat support can be found in a single database. Help desk agents can then monitor and maintain all requests with streamline access.

  3. Increased ROI

    Unlike an in-house help desk, one that is cloud-based can produce a faster ROI. This is because modernising the organisation's support systems eliminates unnecessary elements of the help desk while enhancing its efficiency levels. For example, transitioning to an online help desk means that data is stored on a third party's servers at another location. Less hardware on-site means that infrastructure expenses are reduced significantly without affecting the help desk's performance.

  4. Enterprise grade infrastructure

    Typically, organisations cannot gain access to secure help desks without a heavy investment in enterprise-class technologies. However, cloud-based tech now provides high quality security, backup and recovery features on a pay-as-you go basis, a cheaper and more secure option for smaller businesses.