Giva Salutes: Charity IT Association (CITA), Addressing Nonprofits’ Technical Needs

In our digital world, it is almost impossible for an organisation to flourish without the proper technology. One licenced charity's focus is making sure the rest of the United Kingdom's charities are smoothly ushered into the modern era. The Charity IT Association (CITA) was launched in early 2015 in response to the growing issue of nonprofits' inefficient digital resources to organise their communication and market their mission. CITA matches a charity in need of advice and support with an independent and experienced volunteer in the information technology field.

Charity IT Association (CITA)

Upon registering for CITA, a nonprofit can expect to learn essential skill-building and efficiency practises from their assigned IT consultant. Each pro bono volunteer has been trained to look over a charity's digital layout and provide them with extensive advice to improve their inner and outer network. It is a two-hour process coined "Tech Surgery", which helps charities decide whether or not they need to take their consulting further. If so, their advisor continues to guide them through outlines of desired IT projects. "IT Project Delivery" is CITA's most extensive service, in which a consultant takes a project into their own hands and uses their skills to complete certain tasks for their client. These flexible and free services have contributed significantly to the successes and capabilities of small causes without technical prowess or with outdated infrastructures. For instance, the Southern Northants Volunteer Bureau, upon utilising CITA, was advised to update their server hardware as well as use a charity scheme to host their internet free of charge, speeding up their tasks and saving them money.

Giva applauds CITA employees for their pro bono work to help positive change efforts expand and flourish!