CSR Spotlight: Ethical Performance

Ethical Performance is a company that describes itself as "inside intelligence for responsible business". Since its 1999 founding in Canterbury, England, the media collection has become a "definitive one-stop reference" for those seeking awareness of daily happenings in the world of corporate social responsibility and socially responsible investment.

Ethical Performance

The portfolio's website gives a visitor free access to news articles related to ethical business practises and legislation, corporations' responsibility reports, listings for job openings, and advertisements for events such as environmental conferences. Signing up for the e-newsletter allows for timely notification of all of these updates. In addition, users can take advantage of the site's newly updated CSR Services directory, designed to give companies and individuals access to the tools desired to become more altruistic and sustainable. One can search from over sixty different categories in sixty-five countries to find the right consultation or resources to achieve their philanthropic goals.

Ethical Performance earns their revenue needed to produce content through membership fees. By becoming members, businesses are featured on the site; they can publish their CSR reports, job openings, and be featured in the directory. Companies with memberships not only increase their presence and brand recognition in the growing field of responsible business practises, they also gain a global audience of 250,000 stakeholders who may become inclined to invest. ReportAlert is an email listing that sends a company's ethical practises into thousands of inboxes, and allows members to stay informed on other corporations' efforts. Senior executives worldwide can view a monthly newsletter to be briefed on happenings in large companies and investment platforms. Further, members receive access to Best Practice, a quarterly magazine that features in-depth case studies formulated by Ethical Performance. Each study examines work being done by an organisation that raises the bar and inspires creative ways to expand the CSR scope in a business.

Media platforms such as Ethical Performance are what keep the ethical business culture flourishing. Companies that are aware of each other's efforts to do good, and are viewed by individuals who want to support altruistic businesses, are pushed to make an even stronger impact and stand out among the rest. Putting positive change in the corporate spotlight can lead to businesses doing incredible things for the world with the resources they have. Ethical Performance is a marketing tool that causes real positive change, much like corporate social responsibility itself.