Protecting Digital Britain at the CyberUK 2017 Conference: Liverpool, UK 14-16 March

NCSC CyberUK 2017 Conference

The world is a highly connected place. Whether online platforms are used for business, shopping, education or recreation, all have the common ability to fall victim to a breach in cyber security.

For those in the UK, a great opportunity to learn more about the latest trends in cyber security will occur when the CyberUK 2017 Conference comes to the Arena and Convention Centre in Liverpool, from the 14th to the 16th of March. CyberUK is an inaugural event hosted by the National Cyber Security Centre in association with the UK Government Communications Headquarters.

CyberUK 2017 will span 3 days, include 1,600 participants and over 70 exhibitors who represent leaders in both the cyber security and technology sectors alike. Conference topics will include industry, infrastructure, design and development of online systems and services, as well as updates on the latest practises, newest innovations and emerging threats.

In addition, the conference provides government officials in cyber security and information assurance sectors the opportunity to network with others and better understand their needs and responsibilities. The event is free of charge for government officials, though for a fee, private sector employees may attend.

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