Pledge 1%’s UK Effort

Pledge 1% is a collaborative effort by Atlassian, Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado, Rally for Impact, and Tides to spread their mission of integrating philanthropy into businesses throughout the world. By taking part in Pledge 1%, businesses agree to dedicate one percent of employee time, equity, product or profit to giving back to local and worldwide communities. The Pledge focuses on the community and gives businesses involved the resources to help them carry out their vision.

Pledge 1% in the UK

On 4 February 2016, Pledge 1% was launched in the UK at an event hosted by the Duke of York at St. James's Palace. Over 150 interested professionals and businesses attended the event to display their interest in corporate philanthropy and giving back to the community. During the launch, 25 new UK companies took the Pledge, including Qubit, Idio, Adaptavist, and GoSquared.

In 2015 alone, 608,100 new businesses were formed in the UK. With so many different companies and the number steadily growing, the potential for businesses to help give the world a better future is endless.

Pledge 1% would like to have 50 UK businesses and 1,000 businesses globally sign the Pledge for the first time in 2016. Those who have already pledged understand the importance of being socially responsible and giving back. The Pledge is a way for companies to be held responsible for giving a percent of their resources back to the community.