Thames Water Builds Largest European Floating Solar Farm

Thames Water, the United Kingdom's largest water and wastewater services provider, is in the process of installing an expansive solar farm on the Queen Elizabeth II reservoir in London. The floating solar array will consist of over 23,000 solar panels, making it the largest in Europe. The project was completed in early spring of this year.

Thames Water

With its latest solar installation, Thames Water will be able to produce about 5.8 million kilowatt hours per year. According to a recent press release, this is "equivalent to the annual consumption of around 1,800 homes". The company's local water treatment facilities will harness this energy to provide water to homes in the London area. Although this is its largest solar panel array to date, Thames Water also uses solar power at 41 of its other sites.

This project is the result of a partnership between Thames Water, Ennoviga Solar and Lightsource Renewable Energy. Ennoviga Solar is a UK-based solar developer and consulting agency. Lightsource Renewable Energy is the largest developer and operator of solar photovoltaic projects in Europe. Both companies frequently work with corporations to plan and install solar panel systems. Over the past five years, these three organisations have worked together to create the soon-to-open solar farm.

Aside from the massive amounts of energy the project will generate for the water company, there are a number of other positive benefits. First, it will eventually help reduce customer bills. Second, installing solar panels is a great way to help out the environment. Unlike many of the more traditional energy sources, such as coal and natural gas, solar power is renewable. Third, by building this massive floating solar farm, Thames Water is also serving as a role model for others within the corporate community.

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