Unilever Achieves Sending Zero Waste to Landfills

Unilever, a British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company, has just announced a very impressive new accomplishment. A world leading supplier of food, home and personal care products, Unilever is now also leading the industry by sending zero non-hazardous waste to landfills. This is true for all of their sites, located in 70 countries, and including factories, warehouses, distribution centres and offices.


Last year, Unilever announced that 240 of its factories were zero-waste. Over this past year, they used the same waste management model to allow the remaining 400 sites to follow this lead. The company values the 4 R's: reducing, reusing, recycling, and recovering. This approach allows them to transform their waste into materials with other uses, so that they do not contribute to the mass amounts of waste ending up in landfills across the world.

This achievement demonstrates the company's commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It will also save them money overall by finding new uses for old materials and creating new jobs to carry out this mission.

Because Unilever believes that their achievement should be viewed as a model for other businesses to become zero-waste as well, they have partnered with leading value-chain platform 2degrees to bring other organisations together to use the zero-waste model.

According to Pier Luigi Sigismondi, Unilever's Chief Supply Chain Officer, the collaboration with 2degrees will allow the organisations to share their experiences and knowledge, and help encourage other businesses and industries to follow the zero-waste to landfill model.

Unilever hopes to eventually double the size of its business while simultaneously reducing its overall environmental impact. This new development of sending zero-waste to landfills is a huge step towards sustainability. Giva is proud to share Unilever's accomplishment as an inspiration for other companies to reduce their environmental footprint as well.