Deloitte Launches Society Partnership Programme

Deloitte's Society Partnership Programme

Deloitte, one of the UK's leading accounting and professional services firms, has recently created the Society Partnership Programme, which combines its charity partnership and social innovation pioneering programmes into one major initiative. The Society Partnership Programme's mission is to support UK charities and social enterprises committed to benefiting the public good and helping those who are unemployed move up.

The programme will allow the firm to support over 40 organisations throughout the UK. It will seek to create and inspire 'One Million Futures' by allowing applicants to showcase how their work impacts employment opportunities in terms of raising aspirations, improving skills or developing leaders. Organisations will then be selected to work with Deloitte's programme to come up with a plan to positively impact various social groups. The programme seeks to help people who are unemployed, out of work due to illness, or looking to transition to a new career.

One of the organisations Deloitte is most passionate about working with is the Alzheimer's Society. Deloitte was looking to complete its first five-year strategy plan with the organisation in March 2016, after which it planned to begin talks for a new 2017-2022 strategy.

The organisations chosen to work with Deloitte through the Society Partnership Programme will not only have the support of the firm's 31 UK offices, but will also gain fundraising assistance, access to professional skills expertise, and the opportunity to receive pro-bono counseling.

Giva is proud to recognize organisations that work towards corporate social responsibility. Deloitte UK has demonstrated its dedication to making a positive impact on society through the creation of this innovative new programme.