Giva Announces Its New UK Volunteer Resource Information Centre

So you have decided you might like to volunteer. But where do you start? At Giva, we realise that standing at the deep end looking into the vast pool of volunteerism can be overwhelming and intimidating for many people. That is why we are delighted to announce our new UK Volunteer Resource Information Centre! We hope this useful tool will assist and inspire people in identifying and awakening their natural skills, gifts and desires in their quest to help others.

Giva UK Volunteer Resource Information Centre

The Giva UK Volunteer Resource Information Centre provides:

  • Tips for getting started and understanding the benefits of volunteering
  • Current and upcoming volunteer webinar information
  • A vast listing of volunteer websites broken down by very specific categories to help people discover where they want to start with what resources they have

We hope this tool will provide encouragement and inspiration for aspiring volunteers to take that first step, and assist those looking to expand their volunteering horizons!