Giva CSR Spotlight: Sky Rainforest Rescue Project

CSR & Sky Rainforest Rescue Project

Sky, the leading entertainment company in Europe, has spent the past six years in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) to increase its conservation efforts. The company is committed to facing sustainability issues head on in order to make a positive impact on the environment.

Before Sky began working with the WWF in 2009, it had already been practising sustainable living in its efforts to become carbon-neutral, which it accomplished in 2006. This achievement inspired the company to look at other aspects of its work that had environmental consequences, such as paper usage from the printing of its monthly magazine. By later teaming up with the WWF, Sky hoped to exhibit its dedication to eliminating environmental harm and motivating its consumers to do the same.

Sky, together with the WWF and the state of Acre in Brazil, became committed to saving one billion trees in the Amazon with its conservation efforts. Both Sky and the WWF brought different strengths to their mission, Sky being an expert on communication and the WWF having more knowledge of nature and forestry. Sky and the WWF worked together to raise funds and awareness in the UK and Ireland in order to promote sustainable living by reducing deforestation and carbon emissions.

Accomplishments the partnership has made in the past six years include hundreds of local farmers signing up for Sky's sustainable farming plan, Sky's broadcasting of environment-themed programmes to raise awareness of environmental issues, and the creation of a wild rubber exhibit at the Eden Project rainforest biome to educate visitors on the benefits of rubber tapping. According to Sky, projects like these have led to an estimated 7.3 million people having an increased knowledge of deforestation.

In the future, Sky and the WWF plan to continue their partnership and stay committed to eliminating deforestation and carbon emissions. Next on the agenda? Sky will be working with Earth Hour to urge consumers to turn off the lights for one hour on 19 March 2016 to cut down on electricity usage, evidencing its further commitment to sustainable living and CSR.