Responsible Business Summit: Europe 2016

Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Summit 2016

At Giva, we value businesses and initiatives that support corporate social responsibility. Europe's annual Responsible Business Summit, which will take place 7-8 June 2016 in London, gathers CEOs and leaders from 400 of Europe's most innovative and inspiring brands to discuss responsible and sustainable business practices.

This year's summit will focus on key issues related to corporate social responsibility, including how to create business models that are not only profitable, but also sustainable. These models will help reduce social or environmental risks. The conference is organised by the Ethical Corporation, a global business publication that provides news, advice, and examples of corporate social, environmental, and financial responsibility. The Ethical Corporation is committed to facilitating a learning environment at the summit with the help of interactive workshops, round table debates, case studies and panel Q&As.

Businesses that will be attending Europe's Responsible Business Summit this June include Patagonia, Ecolab, Timberland, Nespresso, Fairphone, and many others. The Ethical Corporation also awards businesses with Responsible Business Awards if they have displayed dedication to corporate social responsibility. Past winners of these awards include H&M, Woolworths, Mars Incorporated, and Maersk.

Initiatives such as The Ethical Corporation's Responsible Business Summit and Awards are important to promoting social responsibility and a sustainable work environment. As the conference continues to grow and attract more responsible brands from all around Europe, it is doing its part to help businesses grow while having positive social and environmental effects as well.